I’m back!

Hello there. It’s been awhile.

I’m so sorry for the delay in returning to this little blog of mine. I grossly underestimated the lack of time I would have with three kiddos waiting for school to start. Thankfully, we have survived, and my baby started Kindergarten today. My oldest baby started Middle School.

So what’s been happening in my crazy beautiful life? I’ve been working hard to remember the beauty. I wish it wasn’t the challenge it has felt in the past few weeks. It has felt painful–not beautiful.

As I type, my heart is crushed by its short-sightedness. It has believed pain to be the opposite of beauty. But it’s not, is it? There is something captivatingly beautiful in the metamorphosis that comes from the struggle to heal. Rough edges are smoothed. Calloused places become soft. Strength begins to shine.

Beauty appears slowly. In the midst of the struggle, it doesn’t even feel like it’s coming at all. But in the hands of the perfect Creator, it always comes. It always comes.

My eyes are opening to the truth that beauty surrounds my crazy life. Sometimes that is far more by faith than I would wish to confess. But in the craziness, there are shapes and figures of a beauty that doesn’t inhabit the world. I am trying with all I can muster to embrace it.