I am a wife, a mom, and a crazy-wounded soul. I love reading, traveling, and really good cappuccino. Music stirs my heart, words motivate me, and being creative makes me feel alive.

I live a crazy life. With three kids, we moved to a country where the Old World still exists–where the beautiful is everywhere, time is an afterthought, food is worshipped and the people are generous. My heart expanded, and I experienced a good pleasure I had not known. Then we moved back to the States. My days feel so much less. My heart feels dull. Living technicolor has ebbed to black and white.

As I journey to live these days, I desire them to be beautiful. Sometimes beauty is beheld by the eyes and sometimes it is beheld by the heart. And sometimes the most incredible beauty we can know comes clothed in pain and struggle.

This is where I’m trying to rediscover beautiful and accept more of the craziness. Welcome.

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